Valentine’s Day draws near and Wedding Venue Lighting is ready for romance

St Valentine’s Day dates back to the third century and is named after a Roman Saint, it is also known as The Feast of St Valentine.  Today we know it as a celebration of love and affection.

“Who knows where Cupid’s arrow will land?

Wedding Venue Lighting is ready to lend a hand”

We have perfected how to express your love with:

Light Up Love Letters Light Up Love Letters   – Straight from the Heart
Light Up LOVE Heart          – Let your Love glow Light Up Love Heart
Light Up Dance Floors Light Up Dance Floors                        – Let your Love dance
Photo Booths                        – Let your Love show Photo Booths
Floral Backdrops Floral Backdrops                 – Let your Love grow


“February may be bleak, but

Wedding Venue Lighting knows what you seek”

 And did you know that:-

Just once every four years, on February 29th (Leap Day or Leap Year), should she wish, a woman can take her destiny in her own hands and ask a man to marry her. … Additionally, in many European countries, tradition dictates that any gentleman who refuses a woman’s proposal on a Leap Day should pay a penalty!!!!

Don’t get left behind this Leap Year – Love and Marriage is our speciality.  Take the Leap at the link below:




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