Install Technicians

We are always looking for enthusiastic hard working Installation Technician to join our team on weekends and evenings. The ideal candidate will be responsible for installing hire equipment at various prestige venues throughout Yorkshire during non-standard working hours. This role requires a combination of technical expertise, customer service skills, and a flexible schedule to accommodate weekend and evening work.


  1. Install hire equipment such as audiovisual systems, lighting fixtures, dance floors, or other specialised equipment at client locations.
  2. Safely transport equipment to and from client sites using company vehicles or other designated transportation methods, a full clean driving licence is required or working alongside a dedicated driver.
  3. Conduct pre-installation inspections to assess site readiness and identify any potential issues or obstacles.
  4. Set up and configure equipment according to manufacturer specifications and client requirements, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.
  5. Adhere to company policies, safety guidelines, and industry regulations to ensure compliance and mitigate risks during installations.
  6. Collaborate with internal teams, including sales, logistics, and technical support, to coordinate scheduling, resolve issues, and optimise customer satisfaction.

This position is for someone who is physically fit and unfazed by carrying heavy equipment and working unsociable hours.

Photo Booth Attendant

We are seeking a friendly, outgoing, and customer-focused individual to join our team as a Photo Booth Attendant’s. The Photo Booth Attendant will be responsible for setting up, operating, and managing our photo booth equipment at various events, including weddings, parties, corporate functions, and other special occasions. The ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and the ability to provide exceptional customer service to ensure that guests have a fun and memorable experience.


  1. Set up and dismantle photo booth equipment: Ensure that the photo booth is set up according to specifications at the event venue, including installing backdrops, props, and any additional accessories. After the event, dismantle the equipment and pack it up safely for transport.
  2. Operate photo booth equipment: Guide guests on how to use the photo booth equipment, including touchscreen interfaces, cameras, and printers. Monitor the equipment throughout the event to ensure it is functioning properly and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise.
  3. Assist guests: Interact with guests in a friendly and professional manner, helping them choose props, pose for photos, and navigate the photo booth experience. Provide instructions on how to operate the equipment and offer assistance as needed.
  4. Maintain a clean and organized work area: Keep the photo booth area tidy and organized throughout the event, including clearing away used props, emptying trash bins, and wiping down surfaces to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for guests.
  5. Promote brand awareness: Represent our company in a positive light and promote our services to event attendees. Distribute promotional materials, such as business cards or brochures, and encourage guests to share their photo booth experiences on social media.
  6. Monitor guest interactions: Ensure that guests are respectful of the equipment and each other while using the photo booth. Enforce any event-specific rules or guidelines related to photo booth usage and intervene if necessary to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

Contact info@wedding-venue-lighting.co.uk to register your interest and further details.