Vintage Telephone Audio Guestbook

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Vintage Telephone Audio Guestbook

Show off your originality with a vintage telephone audio guestbook.

Vintage Telephone Audio Guestbook

Our newest addition to our product range is our vintage telephone guestbook. These quirky phones not only look great, but they’re also a fun interactive solution for you and your guests.

Everyone can leave a private message for you on the phone, which you can turn into a unique keepsake from your special day.

How It Works 

Our audio guestbook is a unique way for your loved ones to leave messages at the wedding. Create a personal greeting for guests and receive messages of love and support in return.

Before the big event, all you have to do is:

  • Choose from a red or a ivory phone for your special day
  • Record a message for your loved ones to hear on the phone, or use a preset template
  • We setup the phone and instructions prominently in your wedding venue
Vintage Telephone Audio Guestbook

Here’s how our vintage telephone guestbook works on the day:

  • Guests pick up the receiver and listen to a pre-recorded message from the happy couple, or preset template
  • At the tone, they record their personal message to the bride and groom
  • When they’ve finished, they just hang up the receiver and go back to the party- it’s as simple as that!
Vintage Telephone Audio Guestbook

Once your wedding is over, we’ll provide you with a recording of your audio guestbook so that you can treasure it forever.

We have a red and an ivory vintage phone for weddings so that you can choose the perfect colour to suit your unique style and fit in with the other décor at your venue.

These stunning vintage phones are in-style and look great in rustic settings, modern kitsch venues and traditional buildings.

Our vintage phone audio guestbook:

  • Has built in background noise reduction
  • Has built in level normalisation
  • Produces fully processed WAV and MP4 visualization files.

Choice Of 4 Different Setups

Telephone shelf stands:

Rustic Telephone Shelf

Rustic Telephone Shelf

Vintage Red Telephone Shelf

White Telephone Shelf

Vintage Phone Audio Guestbook With Telephone Shelf From £295.00 (Delivered Installed and Collected)

Full Size White Telephone Box:

Vintage Phone Audio Guestbook With Full Size Telephone Box From £350 (Delivered Installed and Collected)

What About Background Noise?2022-10-24T22:48:38+01:00

The software features built-in noise reduction and normalisation to deliver CD quality audio and MP4’s in any environment.

In What Format Are The Messages Saved?2022-10-24T22:47:27+01:00

The messages are saved as individual WAV audio files and MP4 visualisation video files.

Does It Require Power?2022-10-24T22:44:49+01:00


The audio guestbook comes with a power adapter

Do You Have A Choice Of Greeting?2023-03-15T22:45:31+00:00

Along with the option to include your own greeting we also offer the following choice of greetings

Female Voice 1

Male Voice 1

Female Voice 2