Black LED Starlight / Starlit Twinkle Dance Floor Hire Yorkshire

Black Starlight Dance Floor Hire | Black LED Dance Floor Hire | Black Twinkling Starlit Dance Floor Hire

Every couple wants their wedding to be a unique event that guests share fond memories of for years afterwards. The best way to host an event that’s memorable for all the right reasons is to decorate your venue perfectly and create a stunning space where everyone can have fun.

Our black starlit dance floors are the ideal solution for any couple looking to host the wedding event of the year. These beautiful dance floors are illuminated by hundreds of LED lights, creating a glorious display.

Because of the design of the floor it can be arranged in both a square and rectangular shape. This makes it perfect to use as a dance floor, catwalk for a fashion show or as a walkway for a civil ceremony or awards night.

Black Starlight Dance Floor Hire


All of our Black Starlight dance floor use a special locking system, which ensures that pieces don’t come loose during use. The floors are all able to withstand being jumped up and down on, and bottles/glasses being dropped on them.

All our Black Starlight dance floors are the more reliable cable connection panels, other companies use the “wireless” type, which is quicker to set up and take down.  But these can have problems at venues with uneven floors and thick carpets, as they can make the wireless type lose connection to the panels and your dance floor goes off.

When you hire a black starlit dance floor from us, we will give you the best service anywhere in the Yorkshire area. From the moment you book to the time when w