Everyone wants to have a wedding that’s stylish and beautiful, but it’s also important for most people to ensure that their weddings are not just like everyone else’s! A truly memorable wedding comes with a great deal of personalisation which makes it unique to those involved in the special day.

Light Up Initials & Image Projections

There are a number of ways in which the personal touch can be injected into your wedding day when hiring the services of Wedding Venue Lighting. One of the most striking personalisation services that we offer is the ability to have five foot light up initials in your chosen venue, as well as image projections or often know as wedding gobos – such as photographs of the happy couple from throughout their relationship so far – which can be projected onto large surfaces or backdrops. There are a number of venues at which Wedding Venue Lighting have provided such a service, such as Walton Hall in Waterton Park, but almost every type of venue imaginable could be used in such a way.

Light Up Initials

Get personal with Wedding Venue Lighting

At Wedding Venue Lighting, we know that personalisation is very important for weddings, which is why so many of our services can be customised to suit the tastes and preferences of our clients. With dance floor hire services, and professional decor wedding lighting including light up initials, Wedding Venue Lighting can ensure that the bride and groom will be able to tailor the style and look of their venue to achieve the atmosphere that they desire.

Image Projections

Lighting is crucial to setting the atmosphere and tone of the happy occasion. This is why it is so important to employ the services of experienced professionals, for whom the happiness of their clients is the primary concern. We are experts in delivering customer satisfaction – by delivering the lighting our clients really want. This really can set the right mood for the big day, so get in touch with us today!

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