The Light Up Initials service offered by Wedding Venue Lighting makes an ideal backdrop for weddings, be it for the evening reception, the wedding venue as a whole or the ceremony itself. The large illuminated initials make use of an old fashioned fairground bulb, thus providing a diffused lighting effect that looks amazing at any time of the day or night. The Light Up Initials service does not need to be limited to just weddings, of course, as it can also be an excellent idea for parties, engagements, anniversaries, or even as a backdrop for the ultimate romantic proposal!

Light Up Initials

Making an impact

The Light Up Initials provided by Wedding Venue Lighting stand at no less than five feet tall, making an enormous impact at any venue. Nor does the service have to be limited to just initials, as entire names can be spelled out if requested. The letters are suitable for any indoor venue – however, they cannot be used outdoors in the event of rain as they are not waterproof. The letters provide a very personal, while also quite spectacular illuminated highlight for your big event, generating a feeling of awe that also offers innumerable photo opportunities. 

Light Up Letters

Light Up any area of your wedding venue!

The Light Up Initials can be placed in various spots within your chosen venue, providing they are large enough to accommodate the massive letters of course! Whether you would prefer to see the giant illuminated initials at the entrance to your venue, outside during sunset, or as a magical accompaniment to the dance floor, the large letters will draw the eye and add extra style and atmosphere to any setting. Wedding Venue Lighting guarantees that the illuminated initials will arrive at your event in excellent condition, and will be set up by our expert staff. Don’t delay, contact us today! 

Light Up Initials

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