This summer, wedding season has been in full bloom, and the same goes for florals!

Floral Love Letters

Flowers are a big part of weddings: the bouquet for the bride, floral crowns and flower decorations for the reception.

However, there is another form of floral decoration that has become more and more on-trend. Since the famous nuptials between reality TV star Kim Kardashian – famous for her part on the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians – and rapper Kanye West in 2014, the floral backdrop for wedding photos has become even more popular.

Floral Love Letters

If you want to recreate a floral backdrop similar to Kimye’s for your summer wedding, then we recommend our Floral Love Letters. The letters are custom made and they are hand-filled with beautiful artificial flowers. These are perfect for those special occasions and events, including weddings, anniversaries, parties and engagements. They’re also perfect for declaring your love for your partner in a huge way, and they’re also alluring decorative pieces for your reception.

The Floral Love Letters are the ultimate expression of love. You could even propose or renew your vows in front of them! After all, florals are always appropriate for the setting of the special occasion, and it’s such a romantic gesture for the love of your life. Best of all, the Floral Love Letters are great as a backdrop for stunning wedding photographs of the bride, groom, families, friends and guests. Strike a pose in front of the floral letters and capture memorable moments, or take a selfie with the letters in sight! 

Floral Love Letters

So if you’re looking for the right background for your summer wedding, occasion or special event, then pick the Floral Love Letters to help you, your partner and your guests stand out – and blossom! The Floral Love Letters are ideal for every venue.


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